I'm a front-end web developer working out of Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR.

My primary skills are HTML, CSS, and jQuery. I like to work in these realms the best, but I have other skills and talents as well. I use Photoshop and Illustrator to create and edit images. I have an excellent track record in adapting to platform environments. In my journeys, I have learned to use Adobe CQ, TeamSite, Documentum, as well as various check in/check out softwares and architectures. If you have it, I can learn it.

I am a problem solver. Whether the problem is a process or a line of code, I will find the root of the issue and offer solutions. I have been tasked with creating, administering, training, and documenting processes. I am familiar with Lean and Zoom process identification systems.

While I am content working alone, I prefer to work in cohesive, collaborative teams. I get a lot of enjoyment in leading teams and watching them grow. I enjoy teaching others in ways that are relevant to them, and take the time to ensure questions are answered.


 OLL Pack 370

I am a developer for Our Lady of Lourdes Boy Scout Pack 370. OLL Pack 370 needed a way to have online sales for their fall/winter fundraiser selling Christmas greenery. The eCommerce solution I developed for them utilizes PayPal as the payment gateway. Since the Pack uses ScoutManage to host their site, I had to host my solution remotely and use an iFrame on the ScoutManage CMS page. The fundraiser is only available in the fall.

Visit www.ollpack370.com for more information and to view the fundraiser when it is in season.

This project is paid for with the gratitude of seeing all OLL Pack 370's members go to the Boy Scout Jamboree.

 Forest Park Conservancy

Forest Park Conservancy (FPC) approached Portland State University for help redesigning their site and adding new functionality. This project became our capstone project that spanned two quarters.

The first phase of this project was to develop a front-end eCommerce solution. Back-end development of the solution was outsourced to a local developer. As a team, we developed a look and feel for the home page, menu system, and product pages for the new part of the site. As FPC already had new branding, we had to follow the brand guidelines.

The second phase of the project was to help FPC make a smooth transition from Business Catalyst to Drupal. As a team, we identified the information FPC wanted to keep, what new functionality they wanted, and how to reorganize their new site architecture with this data. The actual back-end work was outsourced to the same local developer who worked on the eCommerce solution. However, FPC's funding for the developer ran short and development was halted.

Team Members:

You can visit Forest Park Conservancy online and learn more about Forest Park and purchase some nice swag. Every sale helps Forest Park Conservancy maintain Forest Park.

 Powell's Books

Portland State University's Digital Marketing Program always ends with cohort split into two teams and each team getting a marketing project. I was involved in the Christmas holiday marketing program for Powell's Books.

For five weeks, we studied Powell's Books exit numbers, the site itself, and our own first-hand experiences in the bookstore. As a team, we crafted a campaign that was engaging, interesting, and fun. Part of this strategy included Powell's Books taking advantage of an already used but not owned Twitter hashtag, #booklove. On the web site itself, we pitched an idea to have an interactive environment to help users narrow down the kind of person they were book shopping for, and having employees generate the suggestions on what kind of books those people would like. Additionally, we pitched a signature packaging style, wrapping the box in paper and stamping "Imported from Portland, OR" in red stencil ink. Unfortunately, Powell's Books had let go many of their marketing staff that week, so a marketing campaign for Christmas did not happen at all that year.

Team Members:

No hard feelings, I highly recommend a visit to Powell's Books for your own experience. It's a great way to spend a rainy day in the Great Northwest.


 CDI IT Solutions. Web Author. January 2012 to now.

I am a web author for CDI IT Solutions. Primary client: Intel Corporation. I manage a queue of tickets with deadlines provided by a project lead. I work in three primary platforms: Documentum, TeamSite, and Adobe CQ. Tickets include creating new pages, modifying existing pages, adding translations that are provided for me, creating or modifying images that need to include localized text for Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish for the Latin American Region (LAR). Daily tasks include adding or deleting copy, adding or deleting links, creating PDFs from other types of documents, modifying images, uploading documents in the platforms mentioned above, keeping the sites' design and style consistent, and occasionally designing pages on the fly.

 Retail Micro. Web Administrator. March 2011 to December 2011.

I am a Web Administrator for Retail Micro. My primary focus is to assign work to developers in India with a goal of completing a full service eCommerce site with UPS integration, project management software, and client side amenities such as notes, customer purchase orders, and order tracking. I design page mockups for the developers with instructions, create images, data entry, locating stock copy and photography for products, all in an environment that changes daily.

 Horizon Air. Inventory Specialist. September 1999 to June 2010.

I am an Inventory Control Specialist for Horizon Air in the Materials group. My primary focus is to administer and conduct a portion of the yearly physical inventory count. I assign three Inventory Analysts a quarter of the yearly count. I keep track of the count using Excel spreadsheets and collect data on how many batches and part numbers have been counted by each person, how much money is gained or lost within the inventory, and where. This data is submitted to my manager. Currently inventory is being kept in TRAX. Our older system was IDS. I advise the Inventory Analysts with their inventory batches, conduct research on parts that are missing, and use ladders, forklifts, and cherry pickers in order to physically verify the inventory.

 Delta Airlines Global Services. Team Leader. September 1996 to September 1999.

I am a co-lead Team Leads for International Team 2 for Delta Airlines Global Services. Primary client: Delta Airlines. I am responsible for a team of 10 - 20 individuals. My team performs cabin cleaning on two to three MD-11s daily. My team also rotates areas in the warehouse, which include restocking beverage carts, sorting and repacking recycling, folding and packaging linens and blankets, accepting and rotating perishable stock within the warehouse. I also perform 1:1 training for driving and spotting.


 Portland State University

Certificate: Interactive Producer. June 2011.

Certificate: Internet Design. June 2011.

Certificate: Digital Marketing Strategies. February 2011.

 ITT Technical Institute

Degree: Bachelor of Science, Technical Project Management. March 2009.

Degree: Associate of Applied Science, Information Technology - Multimedia. September 2008.

 University of Phoenix

Coursework: Bachelor of Business Management.

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